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Lancaster University
Management School
Dept of Management Science
Lancaster, LA1 4YX, UK

Room: B61
T: +44 (0)1524 593117
a.kheiri [at]
Research Interests

My research is concerned with the development of heuristic methods for difficult optimisation problems arising in industry and healthcare. The topic is inter-disciplinary, drawing on Operational Research, Computer Science, and elements of Statistics and Applied Probability.

Research Team
PhD Students MRes Students Research Fellows Visiting Students Research Funding

Title:                                   A Prediction Model for Algorithm Selection in Solving Combinatorial Optimisation Problems
Funding Body:TESCO
Grant Total:£39,000
Principal Investigator:Ahmed Kheiri
Co-Investigator:Nicos Pavlidis
Project Start Date:October 2022
Length of Project:36 months

Title:                                   Efficient Design of Grocery Distribution Networks                                                                 
Funding Body:TESCO
Grant Total:£39,000
Principal Investigator:Ahmed Kheiri
Project Start Date:October 2021
Length of Project:36 months

Title:                                   Efficient Network Design with Optimal Slot Offering for Grocery Home Delivery           
Funding Body:TESCO
Grant Total:£39,000
Principal Investigator:Ahmed Kheiri
Co-Investigator:Adam Letchford
Project Start Date:October 2020
Length of Project:36 months

Title:                                   RESilient Emergency Preparedness for Natural Disaster Response through Operational Research (RESPOND-OR) [news1] [news2]
Funding Body:EPSRC (Ref EP/T003979/1)
Grant Total:£515,924
Principal Investigator:Konstantinos Zografos
Co-Investigators:Juliana Sutanto, Ahmed Kheiri and Kevin Glazebrook
Project Start Date:October 2019
Length of Project:24 months
Other Researchers:University of Khartoum: Hisham Abushama and Hiba Mohamed Ali. University of Indonesia: Akhmad Hidayatno, Komarudin Komarudin, Heru Suhartanto. Gadjah Mada University: Bertha Maya Sopha.
Notes:This project has many stakeholder partners including: From Indonesia: National Disaster Management Authority (BNPB), Disaster Management Agency of the Yogyakarta Special Region (BPBD DIY), Humanitarian Forum Indonesia (HFI) and RedR Indonesia. From Sudan: National Council of Civil Defence (NCCD), Ministry of Water Resources, Irrigation and Electricity, Ministry of Health, Humanitarian Aid Commission (HAC) and Nile Basin Institute (NBI)

Title:                                   Developing and Implementing Novel and Advanced, Hyper-heuristics based Routing Technologies for Standard and Non-standard Haulage Markets [news1] [news2]
Funding Body:KTP Scheme (Ref KTP11692)
Grant Total:£207,627 (£139,110 from Innovate UK + £68,517 from Optrak)
Industrial Partner:Optrak Distribution Software Limited
Project Start Date:May 2019
Length of Project:27 months
Academic Team:Ender Ozcan (University of Nottingham) and Ahmed Kheiri
Notes:This is a joint project between the University of Nottingham, Lancaster University and Optrak Distribution Software Limited

Title:                                   Organise "Prediction and Optimisation" Workshop to Contribute to the Vibrancy of the STOR-i Research Environment
Funding Body:STORi, Lancaster University
Grant Total:£5,000
Project Start Date:September 2019
Organising Committee:Trivikram Dokka, Ahmed Kheiri, Rebecca Killick, Adam Letchford and Ivan Svetunkov
Notes:In light of the Coronavirus and with the welfare of our staff and delegates in mind, this event has been cancelled

Paid Consultancy

Title:                                   Consultancy to Solve Linde's Inventory Routing Problem (via Lancaster University Consultancy Service)
Client:BOC Limited
Personnel:Ahmed Kheiri
Project Start Date:April 2021

Title:                                   Testing a Developed Software Tool for BOC (via Lancaster University Consultancy Service)
Client:BOC Limited
Personnel:Ahmed Kheiri
Project Start Date:November 2020

Title:                                   Finding the Best Base Locations and Team Configurations (via Lancaster University Consultancy Service)
Client:North West Air Ambulance
Personnel:Ahmed Kheiri and Burak Boyaci
Project Start Date:February 2020
Notes:This consultancy project aims to study the impact of having different numbers of helicopters and to consider the most appropriate bases for the aircraft

Industrial Collaboration

I have extensive links with external organisations, undertaking consultancy and research projects with ORTEC, AirLiquide and more

Examining and Reviewing Duties
PhD External Examiner