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Lancaster University
Management School
Dept of Management Science
Lancaster, LA1 4YX, UK

Room: B61
T: +44 (0)1524 593117
a.kheiri [at]

I am/was teaching the following modules:

International Lecturing Project Supervision

I have supervised several undergraduate and postgraduate projects in a variety of topics, all of which have had good outcomes. Some of the projects I have supervised have won the department prize for the most outstanding project of the year, some have led to publications and some are client-based projects.

See the list of projects that I have supervised here

Project Ideas

Title: Hyper/Meta-heuristics for Combinatorial Optimisation Problems

Description: Meta-heuristics, such as genetic algorithms, simulated annealing and tabu search, are now an established tool for solving hard optimisation problems. A more recent concept is that of "hyper-heuristics", which are algorithms that seek to automate the process of selecting and/or generating (meta-)heuristics. Whereas meta-heuristics draw on Operational Research and Artificial Intelligence, hyper-heuristics draw on Machine Learning and Data Science. The main aim of this research project is to develop high quality meta- and/or hyper-heuristics for combinatorial optimisation problems. The problems under consideration can include (but are not limited to) routing, cutting, packing, placement,​ graph theoretical,​ timetabling and scheduling problems.

Applicants for this topic should have reasonable mathematical ability, a general interest in optimisation, and strong programming skills. Experience with LaTeX/git is also desirable, but is not essential as training can be given.

If you are a self-funded student, I have a couple of supervision slots available. Please see my personal website to find information about my research interests.